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Melissa's completed projects include "Rat Studios", "Plated Office" (Collaborative project with Taylor Baker), "Birds of a Feather Cafe", "River Bay Loft" and "Greenhouse Pavilion".

Design Statement

I have always been fascinated by the spaces that shape people's lives.

As a society, we spend most of our lives indoors, so not only do our buildings need to be as efficient and functional as possible, but they also need to be nurturing and sustaining.

Creating innovative spaces requires a balance of understandings; understanding what people need and what shapes their experiences, understanding what works when it comes to construction, and understanding what has already been done and how to utilize the past.

I create spaces that are not just meant to be functional, but to be beneficial to the lives of the people who inhabit them.

About the Designer

Studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, Melissa Montalto is pursuing a degree in Interior Design with minors in both Architecture and Architectural History.

Melissa starts any project by creating an abstract concept painting that embodies the feeling of the environment she is creating, then pulls colors, textures, and inspiration from that painting. These paintings can be viewed as the last slide of any project page or in the Concept Paintings gallery.